About Us

I started Performance Line Bearings because my Bosch powered ebike is now out of warranty. Sadly, the motor became noisy and I discovered play in the crank arms, coming from the motor crankshaft itself.

After reading the forums I decided to replace the main motor bearing, but after removing the right-hand engine cover I found not only the main motor bearing was worn but also the left-hand crank bearing.

After weeks of hunting on the web, I could find no information or parts for this issue? Not being keen to spend big money on a new motor! I found a reputable bearing manufacturer and had the left-hand crank-shaft bearing manufactured.

I have also had enough bearings made for others who may find themselves with the same issue. Although the left-hand crank bearing carries the 6004 designation it is not a standard internal bore size and hence not an “off the shelf” part.

After starting with the Bosch motor I was asked if I could do other motors? After looking at other motors, it was evident they suffer from the same issues (water ingress destroying the bearings) Again, some of the parts had to be made and some were very hard to find but so far, we now offer this service for Yamaha, Brose, Panasonic, Impulse etc.

The bearings here are of excellent quality and carry the same sealing system as the original motor bearings. But they (like any OEM sealed bearing) are not water proof.

The how to video and downloads are my own guides, and for information purposes only. I will not be responsible if you follow them and break something! You will be doing so at your own risk.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope it helps if you find yourself out of warranty and suffering bearing failure.