Links and people we like :)

Here you will find people and forums who we feel are going above and beyond to help and support the ebike community. If you have people or services you feel deserve to be here, please let us know.

If you have not come across these sites already? Click the links and take a look.

EMTB is a lovely, worldwide forum. Full of friendly people with help and advice, as well as many well laid out forums covering everything ebike related. You can also check out some of Rob Hancills’ excellent videos.

eBike Smile – eMTB Community is a Facebook forum run buy Jay Brightwater, an extremely dedicated lady who works unbelievably hard to bring as much help, advice and interest to the ebike community as possible! If you join this forum you can access a discount code for our site, giving you 10% off any purchase you need to make.

Spokes are our new bearing supplier for Australia and New Zealand.
If you live in this part of the world, please visit them for all your bearing and motor service needs.

Service partner for the Doncaster area.

Cannonball Bike Tours
Cannonball are based in Brighton and run both organised tours and Ebike hire. A great day out and a great way to experience an Ebike if you’re still undecided.