Repair & Overhaul Service

Motor repair and overhaul service
We offer a full repair and overhaul service for ebike motors from all over the world.

To send us your motor:
If you can, remove your motor or have your local bike shop remove it and send to the address here  contact page. (If you’re local, you can drop your bike in and we will remove and re-fit the motor for you. If booked, we can offer a while you wait service).

We do not require any parts left on the motor e.g. pedal arms, covers or brackets. If there are any parts you can’t remove, e.g. pedal arms, sprocket or chainring, you can leave these attached and we will remove them for you.

Ensure your motor is well packed. Plenty of bubble wrap is usually fine (Don’t use the large air packets, when they pop your motor will not be protected).
Please remember to include your name, address, mobile phone number and email address if possible.

When your motor arrives, we will take a look inside and contact you with a report and cost before going ahead with any work. If you are happy to proceed, we will start work on your motor and send you an invoice for the agreed amount, with payment details and options.

If, for any reason, you don’t wish to proceed with the repair, we will re-assemble your motor and send it back for just the cost of the shipping, no labour will be charged.

How much does it cost?
Service / overhaul prices will vary depending on the make and model of motor and exactly whats wrong? This is a question we are often asked but can’t answer until we know what is wrong or what requires replacement? As a very rough guide for most ebike motors, the lowest price is £60 to £80.00 and worst case scenario would be £250.00 to £350.00 (It’s not common, but if internal parts require changing this cost may be exceeded, again you will be told of this before any work is carried out)

You’re also welcome to send in components like the clutch bearing assembly and we will change the
bearings and ship it back to you.


Just do a full overhaul!

If you would prefer to save time, you can instruct us to do a full overhaul on your motor. This will save us contacting you with reports and findings. Your motor will be tested and then all internal drive train parts removed and cleaned. All drive train bearings removed and replaced, new grease, seals and circlips fitted. The motor is then re-built in our clean, custom built workshop, by time served engineers with as much care and precision as is possible.


How much is a full overhaul?
Bosch Classic (Gen 1) POA
Bosch Active Line (Gen 2) £257.00 Inc VAT + Shipping
Bosch Performance Line (Gen 2) £257.00 Inc VAT + Shipping
Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen 2) £257.00 Inc VAT + Shipping
Bosch Active Line (Gen 3) POA
Bosch Active Line Plus (Gen 3) POA
Bosch Performance Line (Gen 3) POA

Brose S&T 1.2, 1.3 (Includes additional internal and external seals to stop water ingress) £297.29
Brose S-Mag 2.1 (Includes additional internal and external seals to stop water ingress) £297.29

Impulse 2.0 £184.52 Inc VAT + Shipping
Impulse Evo RS £210.52 Inc VAT + Shipping

Yamaha PW £170.95 Inc VAT + Shipping
Yamaha PW-SE £170.95 Inc VAT + Shipping
Yamaha PW-X £170.95 Inc VAT + Shipping


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