Service! Why bother?

There is a lot of talk on forums about bike maintenance, but no one considers motor maintenance? After what I have seen in these motors, it may just be worth a look?

Why bother, it should last for ever right!?

Sadly, no! 99% of e-bike motors are not waterproof! What makes this worse is some of the bearings in e-bike motors use the shaft of the gear below to run on (see pics). If you just run your motor into the ground and ignore the nasty noises, this bearing surface will eventually become worn and damaged. These parts are currently irreplaceable. So it would pay to look after them.
The gears in these motors rely on grease to lubricate them, this will, over time, wear away and/or pick-up contamination! This in turn, creates friction and wear. Again, you can’t currently buy these parts.

The pictures below show water mixed with the grease, and rust starting to develop on the crankshaft. The main clutch bearing and idler needle roller bearing are destroyed.


So, is it worth it? I’ll leave that up to you. If you don’t do many miles and generally ride in clean conditions, you’re probably fine. However, if you like the odd bog and stream and are generally riding off road? It maybe worth a thought.
One thing I do know. If your motor is getting noisy or feels rough? DON’T keep riding it!